4 04 2008

Upon reading the plot of Paprika I became really depressed as I have been working on a story that very closely mimics this film. In Paprika, scientists have invented a gadget called the DC Mini which allows access into the unconscious of a human mind. The character Paprika plays the role of a psychiatrist who enters people dreams to help them deal with their problems. To make things a little bit more interesting a terrorist steals a DC Mini and begins to infiltrate the dreams of other people hooked up to the device.

However, the movie is essentially an expanded scene from Ghost in the Shell 2 where the hacker is confronted. The dream world and the real world begin to collide but for anyone who has seen a decent amount of anime it’s pretty predictable what world the character is in. Characters and dialogue are very strong but Paprika really fails in its general plot. Doesn’t get more stereotypical than bad guy mastermind they picked. Then his apprentice comes out of nowhere although he is addressed as someone we should clearly know. I simply didn’t feel any real emotional concern for what was going to happen to anyone.

Whether you walk out confused or disappointed Paprika is an amazing visual experience. The transitions between the dream and real world are particularly awesome. As you would expect in a dream world there are some pretty crazy looking characters that are also weirdly animated. The main dream theme of the parade and dolls is once again reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell 2 and Blade Runner. Paprika is definitely worth a watch for its visuals and dialogue but it won’t be a film that you walk out of saying “Wow!”

length: 1 hour and 30 minutes
score: 85% | metacritic: 81




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