5 04 2008

Beowulf is an hour and forty minute infomercial for motion capture. It’s definitely impressive from a technical aspect and at times crosses the barrier into realism. Unfortunately, the level of technical expertise does not exist on the artistic side providing for some pretty bland environments.

The first hour of the movie was horrendous. Every character was pulled from the bag o’ stereotypes and then promptly worsened by poor pacing. A scene straight out of Austin Powers occurred at one point with a variety of objects hiding a nude Beowulf fighting a monster. The plot was predictable and I thought about stopping the film. I reluctantly decided to continue as Beowulf had just been eaten by a sea serpent and proceeded to stab and crawl his way out of its eye.

To my surprise the final forty minutes of Beowulf was the exact opposite of the first hour. All of the characters suddenly abandoned their stereotypes and a very well paced and enjoyable climax ensued.

length: 1 hour and 53 minutes
score: 70% | metacritic: 59




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