Assassin’s Creed

13 04 2008

Assassin’s Creed offers a stunning world, a unique combat system, and a breathtaking free running system but unfortunately offers nothing interesting to do in it after the first hour.

In AC you play as Altair but the catch comes in that you’re playing him from the future. A system known as the animus allows scientists to retrieve memories of past generations from a person’s DNA. This leads to things like health being how well the protagonist is synced with the animus. Altair is a member of a neutral assassin’s guild during the third crusade. At the beginning of the game you fail to kill your target, are removed of your rank and gear, and must regain the trust of your guild by assassinating 13 (I think) members on both sides of the war who are supposedly using the war for their own personal gain.

AC is a free roam game along the lines of Grand Theft Auto. Much of the development time was spent developing the amazing free system (Parkour) that allows Altair to jump across rooftops and scale any building. Making the free run system even better is a large detailed world that visually is top notch. Combat is focused largely on the idea of parrying and can be considered more of a timed minigame than actual combat but it’s still a lot of fun.

On the story front AC fails pretty terribly especially if you’ve played the first Prince of Persia game (developed by same company). Missions consist of going to a city, talking to an informant, climbing towers to open parts of the map, performing 3 simple tasks, and then assassinating the target. However, this 20 minute section of gameplay is all you’re going to see making this game extremely repetitive. Only 2 of the assassinations make you feel like an actual assassin and when you do kill someone you get the same cut scene saying how they’ve been wrongly martyred. Assassin’s Creed’s failures are the same as Crackdown’s. If only there were more interesting things to do in this amazing world.

length: ~8 hours
score: 85% | metacritic: 81




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