Bus 174

13 04 2008

I began watching Bus 174 around 11:30 planning to only watch the first 30 minutes before going to bed. 2 hours later the film ended and I went to bed. Bus 174 brilliantly tells the story of a bus hijacked in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 12, 2000. Broadcast live on Brazilian TV, Sandro do Nascimento held the passengers hostage for 4 and a half hours. But Bus 174 is much more than a simple terrorist film.

Through extensive investigation the documentary sheds light on Sandro do Nascimento and his childhood through interviews with friends, family, and government workers. Poorly equipped and instructed police, crammed jail cells, and the lives of street children come to together to tell a haunting tale of life in Rio de Janeiro. Brilliantly edited by jumping back and forth between the kidnapping and interviews makes for a captivating film.

Bus 174 is a deeply emotional and moving film that you will not soon forget. There’s a very good chance you’ll shed a tear on this one. I did.

length: 2 hours
score: 95% | metacritic: 84




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