Final Fantasy VII – Crisis Core

18 04 2008

Crisis Core is your typical Japanese RPG. I began to throw large objects at small children to alleviate the frustration from not being able to walk more than 10 feet without getting a cutscene. Don’t get me wrong the CG Advent Children’esque cutscenes are awesome but there aren’t many of these. 40% of the in game cutscenes seem to serve no purpose other than to prod me to grab a knife and end my life. To make it even better the geniuses over at whatever gay Japanese studio developed this game never let you skip them.

Love gratuitous and pointless cutscenes? How about a combat system developed by the retarded? Combat is done KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) style by cycling through and then clicking what slash or magic you want to use (runs in real time). However, you can’t queue skills so you’ll frantically click through menus to find your potion as mobs continue to beat on you. Combat is boring but thankfully easy. Crisis Core’s gift to mankind is the DMW, a continuously running slot machine that grants special abilities and acts as the leveling system. Upon getting a matching set, it pops up on the screen interrupting combat for about 20-30 secs. It’s an annoying but happy sight with the possibility of ending combat quicker.

Crisis Core is definitely a pretty game to look at but there’s quite a bit of loading. Map areas are pretty small but most of the loading is going in and out of cutscenes which thankfully happens every 10 seconds. The one redeeming quality are the characters (traits and visual) but unfortunately are hindered by ok dialogue and a bad story. If you can somehow manage to get through the typical Japanese RPG and are a fan of the original FFVII then you’ll probably love Crisis Core. I did not.

length: ~20 hours (time spent: 12 hours)
score: 70% | metacritic: 85




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