Devil May Cry 4

23 04 2008

In DMC4 you initially play as Nero; a cocky young member of a religious sect. The main character from the previous games, Dante, shows up in the opening scene and assassinates your leader. This of course leads Nero to track down Dante; but as you would expect there is more to this than first meets the eye. The story is pretty straightforward dealing with the opening of hellgates to be wielded as ultimate power to protect the people. Thankfully DMC4 doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers some humorous dialogue from Nero and Dante. About 65% into the game Nero is captured and the player assumes the role of Dante. Dante’s journey takes you backwards through all of the maps you have just played through (not as repetitive as it sounds).

Although Nero has some cool moves his overall play is pretty boring hack and slash. Dante is far more interesting to play thanks to a plethora of fighting styles and guns to mix up the action. However, as previously stated Dante isn’t available for most of the game. It seems rare that a game comes out these days that doesn’t impress me on the graphics front but DMC4 is particularly stunning. This is topped off with the best animation (cutscene and in game moves etc) I’ve seen to date. The overall package isn’t as enjoyable as God of War or Ninja Gaiden but it’s definitely worth a rental.

length: 8 hours
score: 85% | metacritic: 84




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