Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

30 04 2008

I really liked the original Vegas. It was a superb tactical shooter that was decently paced with an enjoyable take on the typical terrorist plot. Vegas 2 is a giant step backwards to the series largely due to the fact that there has only been a year and a half development cycle for it. The lack of time can be see in every facet of Vegas 2’s execution. Although done in the Unreal 3 engine the graphics are less than impressive and the quality of AI and story implementation is pretty poor.

Game mechanics haven’t seen any modification but the original Vegas tactical elements worked so well it’s not a huge deal. I had about 8 times during my play through where my AI opponents were stuck and/or failed to execute my commands. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is a big disappointment and should be overlooked unless you’re in desperate need for some shooter love.

length: 8 hours (time spent: 6 hours)
score: 80%
| metacritic: 83




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