The Forbidden Kingdom

21 05 2008

Jackie Chan and Jet Li teamed up to make a martial arts movie in the style of Hero and Crouching Tiger? Wow…that’s going to be awesome! Oh no. What is this? This sucks. A kid from South Boston finds himself transported back to ancient China where must pull every story and character stereotype to return back home and defeat a bully. The story in the Forbidden Kingdom is horrendous. Characters appear out of nowhere and there is no attempt at any character development. Where horrible acting is acceptable in Kung Fu films of the past it just doesn’t work here at all.

Thankfully there are a ton of nicely choreographed fight scenes but even these can’t save the film. The only real redeeming quality was Jet Li as the Monkey King. A very curious and crazed martial arts monkey/man he was highly entertaining. Definitely skip this film.

score: 55% | metacritic: 57




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