The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

7 06 2008

The first Narnia was somewhat enjoyable but Prince Caspian is embarrassingly bad. It baffles me that this script made it to production. In this second film Prince Caspian escapes to the forest after his uncle tries to kill him so that his newborn son can ascend the throne. Caspian summons the 4 kings and queens of old and with the help of the supposedly extinct Narnian’s to defeat the Telmarines. The script is there to essentially kill time for a couple cool battle sequences at the end. Attempts at humor will make you cringe. Overall the acting is pretty subpar and the lack of any character development creates no immersion or connection to anyone or anything on screen.

Prince Caspian’s saving grace is it’s battle scenes and CG work that are definitely lessened by any concern for what will happen to anyone. Like the beavers in the first film the cuddly creatures are the stars of the show. Definitely give this one a pass.

score: 50% | metacritic: 63




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