12 06 2008

“In a post-apocalyptic society where meat is scarce, cannibalism is no longer unsavory. And when a young ex-clown takes a job in a dilapidated deli, he’s completely unaware that the butcher plans to serve him to the building’s bizarre tenants. But when the butcher’s nearsighted daughter falls for the clown, she’ll go to absurd lengths to foil her father’s plan.”

The quality of characters Jean-Pierre Jeunet created in Amelie are not here and that’s really where this film fails. I felt no connection or fascination for anyone in the story and after finishing the film couldn’t remember anyones name. Jeunet definitely has some cool ideas here and I enjoyed the resistance group but it’s just not quite there. The film is quite slow with no interesting conversations. A slightly more happier tone between the tenants and the protagonist and maybe an earlier inclusion of the resistance could have helped the pacing.

score: 75% | metacritic: 66




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