Edward Scissorhands

12 06 2008

To mix things up a bit I’m going to skip explaining the plot directly. Tim Burton’s somewhat dark and mechanical flare works nicely in contrast with the very clean, organized, and bland look of the suburbs below Ed’s castle. At it’s core though you could replace Edward with any other outsider and nothing would change. In many ways it feels like a film I’ve seen a dozen times but the fact that there is someone with scissors for hands should make me forget all of that.

I’ve never liked the plot of one crazed outsider searching for acceptance; then falls in love but her boyfriend is a jerk; and then she makes the tough decision to stand up for him. The movie fails on the same levels as most of Tim Burton’s work in that I’m initially very intrigued (especially by the environments) but then quickly lose interest as nothing out of the ordinary really happens in a world that is nothing ordinary. Amelie also had a very simple and used storyline but the shared craziness among all of Jeunet’s characters made it work.

score: 75% | metacritic: 74




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