Lock’s Quest

9 01 2009

Lock’s quest falls into one of new favorite categories of being a genre bender. The core gameplay is a tower defense game that feels a little bit more like a simplified RTS. On top of this gameplay is a simplified RPG tileset game. Lock’s quest is surprisingly well written and has a lot of beautiful artwork.

From a gameplay standpoint it’s a love/hate relationship. The number of waves stuck out at me the most. Each level contains around 5 rounds (3min build, then 3min battle) and after the second or third it really needs to be done. I really don’t see any reason for the imposed time limit as you have a limited amount of resources. I found that I would sometimes get stuck during the second and third wave and would simply not have enough time in a build phase to completely restructure my setup if things weren’t working.

After you’re about 30% in you’ve seen everything there is to see. From there out you get stronger walls, turrets, etc while getting stronger enemies making the upgrades relatively pointless except for their visual and fake achievement factor (not to be underestimated). Although it’s very easy to say what if, not having to actually redesign the game, I can’t help but feel that the wall system should be changed. Fighting as Lock you can’t do all that much damage and as such I don’t see any reason not to incorporate the build phase into combat.

So here’s my suggested idea even though in practice it might be horribly wrong. Some walls on the maps are preset…have them all be preset. It’s really fun to have a crazy looking castle/wall to defend and my walls generally looked pretty gimp. Turrets, helpers are separate entities that could be built on top of the walls. If the player opted to place them on the ground the turrets would be built on top of a small bunker of some sort. You could also have it be more of an RTS where you’re building a small wall, barbwire, long ice trap that acts as the”wall” for the enemy to get past to be able to destroy the turrets.

Idk I need to think about this more. The guys at 5th Cell definitely did a very impressive game with Lock’s Quest…it feels just short of being something truly amazing.




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