3 for 1

16 01 2009

Burn After Reading
Really great characters…particularly the mannerisms of Brad Pitt. I’ve grown quite fond of the comedy genre benders of late but this film really needs the comedic elements turned up just a little bit. There’s plenty to smile about in regards to the absurdity of characters motivation but it falls just short. I still really enjoyed this film…some ridiculous acting for a comedy.

Pineapple Express
I’m not a big fan of James France but I really liked him as a drug dealer. The movie tries to be funny all the time but after seeing Seth Rogens other films there just isn’t any new funny material here. Red provides some good laughs (never dies + tries to be tough) but the 80s action movie feel just isn’t my cup of tea.

Thinking back on this film it’s really no different than any other “monster attacks New York” film but I definitely enjoyed it. Was enjoyable to watch from the perspective of somone who isn’t going to come up with some crazy idea of how to kill the monster. Some of the scenes step a little too far in the action movie direction and should have stayed in the spectator realm. It’s short and very intense. Although it may seem strange I like it when an alien/monster is shown as truly superior with the main characters just trying to survive but failing to do so.




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