Demo Update

5 02 2009

SSX Tricky in ATV form. The controls, particularly hitting up/down to jump, were a little awkward at first but make perfect sense and become more fluid as I played. Obviously it’s an arcade game but the handling made it a little difficult for actually racing. The trick system, more tricks as your boost meter fills up, is a really smart idea that I believe is exactly how SSX3 worked. Only one map in the demo but really big jumps and definitely a ton of comparisons to the SSX series. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I might pick this up as a rental.

lol…i think that is about all I can say here. Well I’ll say a bit more. Legendary is an old school fps that borrows liberally from every other great shooter. Graphics are kinda meh, guns feel pretty solid, AI is screwed up, and everything else is pretty average. Don’t play this.

An indie game that is very arty. Great painterly visual style backed with appropriately mournful melodic music. The time control mechanics are absolutely ridiculous and the game is very polished. A higher thinking game to be sure. I know I’ll be looking to a guide constantly, based on the demo, but this is a game I definitely will be buying/playing eventually.

World of Goo
Another independent game with a lot of visual flair. I’m not much of one for puzzle games but this really feels like something special. Lots of variety and once again lots of polish. As an actual game I don’t really enjoy this personally but this has garnered high praise and something that I must eventually push myself through

Dawn of War II
I was huge fan of the first Dawn of War game which is pretty odd considering I generally hate RTS’s. The RPG elements were great and the gameplay really forces players to be offensive something I normally hate. I’m surprised with how different Dawn of War II is since most sequels generally don’t stray to far away from their roots. There is no base building and the RPG elements have been ratcheted up a couple notches. Everything is streamlined removing the focus from having to worry about constructing building/units and allowing the player to focus on combat. Hero’s are now class based (damage, healer, tech support) making it imperative that your team have balance. I really like building defensive bases and the lack of turrets + other defensive structures made me feel kinda odd. I applaud Relic for taking a big risk and I hope it all pays off. I keep coming back to the demo so that should say something.




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