Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

30 06 2009

Expectations can have an enormous effect on how enjoyable any experience will be. Being a Michael Bay film I was expecting a never ending visual bombardment action sequences heavily peppered with comedy. I wasn’t expecting to go see some moving feature film that would fall into the realm of high art. As such, I thoroughly enjoyed Transformers 2 and think it is deserving of a much better score than it seems to be getting from reviewers. A few of the early romantic scenes between Megan and Shia were painful but they pass soon enough. Thankfully the stereotypical rollercoaster of relationship problems ends early on. Although never to the point of being laugh out loud funny I smiled many times at the great humor provided by Shia’s parents, Sector 7 lead, the new and improved mini deceptacon, and the twin gangsta brothas. The humor aspect was really pushed in T2 but thankfully it’s one of the high points.

The transforming special effects are as jaw dropping as the first film. Fight scenes have been orchestrated better and are thus easier to follow who is fighting who (problem I had with the first film). Unfortunately, Optimus Prime is taken out of action for a good chunk of the film while the other autobots fail to fill his dramatic roll. Not having any other knowledge of Transformer lore it was nice to have a bit more backstory on the Transformers but it’s nothing earth shattering. The pacing of Transformers 2, even at its long 2-1/2 hour screen time, kept my attention much faster due to Bays almost schizophrenic style. It’s almost as if he shows you an exhibit at a museum and after 5 seconds is pushing you to the next one etc.

As much as I want to make an indie rant against T2 being everything I should hate about Blockbuster movies it’s an entertaining experience and was certainly worth the price of admission.

score: 70% | metacritic: 36




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