Shadow Complex

27 08 2009

Shadow Complex came out of nowhere on me which is weird considering it had Epic Games behind it. The game is more or less a Metroid clone updated with modern visuals and design choices. Combat is simple but satisfying. The brilliant level design really makes the ability driven exploration gameplay really shine. Like most games these days Shadow Complex is visually stunning outshining any previous 3D downloadable content. New abilities come a long at a good pace and help to keep things interesting. Grapple guns are done a lot these days, because they’re awesome, but SC’s GG feels remarkably responsive and the ability to grapple to a new point without dropping or jumping first makes things less stressful.

Thankfully there isn’t much narrative focus as what is there is fairly painful to watch. The opening scene was kind enough to let me know that I was headed for Stereotype City. Shadow Complex is rife with cliches and I found myself reaching for a knife when the couple exchanged dialogue. Although there are a few real time story scenarios the majority of it takes place in very short cut scenes. Next to zero time is spent to explain anything in depth but all you need to know is that some dudes want to start a Civil War to take over the US. If only there was a well told story here Shadow Complex would be a knockout. Still it’s a well designed game that is a lot of fun to play.

score: 90%
| metacritic: 89




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