27 08 2009

Trine is a 2.5d phsyics based platformer. I must mention that Trine is an absolutely beautiful game to look at both artistically and technically. The artists have put a ton of detail in both the foreground and background to make the screen always interesting to look at. There isn’t a blemish visually. From a game design perspective I really felt that the skills at your disposal across all three characters were really designed. The problem comes in that the level/puzzle design doesn’t quite use them to their potential. This stems from the fact that any of the three characters can generally get by any obstacle. Although this is an impressive accomplishment for the level designers it cuts down the complexity of having to use multiple characters to solve any one puzzle. Eventually the wizard can craft an absurd amount of objects but I never had to use more than 2 or 3. The underlying systems are fantastic but the level design should have been a little more complicated in spots to make use of the abilities at your disposal.

From a narrative perspective there isn’t all that much going on here. What’s there is decently written but it is only surface deep. However, the voice acting is spot on for the fantasy genre with the narrator stealing the show. Overall Trine is a really well made game that could have been something truly special if the puzzles and platforming leaned more on the mass use of your abilities.

score: 85% | metacritic: 80




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