Demo Update

6 10 2009

Brutal Legend (YES!)
I’m a big fan of Tim Schafer’s work and Brutal Legend does not disappoint. The writing is well written and funny as you would expect. Combat is simple but rewarding and with the RTS style additions seen in videos should be more than enough to keep the mechanics engaging for the duration of the story. Jack Black is such a likeable person and that personality really cares over to the main character of Eddie Riggs. Brutal Legend certainly feels like a Heavy Metal world with a great soundtrack and appropriately brutal art/level design to up the immersive factor. I can’t wait to play the full game!

Risen (borderline)
I was impressed by the visuals in this under the radar RPG from German developer Piranha Games. That feeling slightly wore off after meeting Risen’s first animated NPC character. By far my biggest complaint was how much crap I was picking up and putting into my inventory. After a 20 minute demo I had about 60 things in my inventory. The few quests/story bits in the demo were a little too straightforward and boring . Combat boiled down to a single attack with blocking seems to be a must. I think I remember seeing a spell bar when I pulled up my character screen so I imagine things get a little more interesting. Looking through Metacritic it would seem that the 360 version’s graphics are vastly inferior. Risen seems like a fairly standard RPG that could use a bit more design work and polish. I might check it out if it gets a discount weekend on Steam.

Fuel (skip)
Touted as an open world racing game Fuel is visually unappealing in every way possible. Environments are bland and extremely repetitive with an absurdly close texture/model popin. I almost didn’t finish the demo as there is no fun factor to be found here.

Forza 3 (only if you like racing sims)
It looks and plays great but I’m not into racing sims at all. I’m all about the arcade and off road subgenres. If you like this genre then you should be more than satisfied.

Machinarium (recommend)
A very soothing soothing puzzle/adventure game thanks to a peaceful melodic soundtrack and a great grunge art style. I found the puzzles logical enough that they caused major frustration although I was stumped on the first level as I was able to interact with something I didn’t think I could. This is directly related to the fact that you don’t get a mouseover change that you can interact with something unless you’re standing right next to it. I’m not a fan of a design decision. Discarding items could be streamlined a bit with right clicking but it’s not the end of the world. Supposedly Machinarium will have a bit of a story but it isn’t divulged at all here. I walk away feeling peaceful which is a weird game reaction for me.

Darkest of Days (recommend)
I was expecting a good laugh coming into this game after watching some early videos. To my surprise I found myself having a pretty good time in this mediocre FPS. The guns feel solid and although an on rails section feels a little odd the combat is enjoyable. The premise is that you get pulled out of Custard’s last stand to serve as a time traveling soldier preventing other people from messing things up. This is used to good effect when you get to use a futuristic machine gun in the civil war. Always fun. Visuals look okay for the most part but are nothing to brag about. I want to play more of this once the price comes down a bit or when it gets a weekend on Steam.

Star Wars: Republic Heroes (skip)
Combat is repetitive and is not helped by an awkward single perspective camera that makes movement rather difficult and frustrating. Voice work is pretty painful with the entire narrative element seeming as bad as I remember the 3D clone wars series that it is based off being. I was really confused by the lock picking game mechanic that seems to turn in the opposite direction you tell it to. Graphics are mediocre with the only saving element be some variety with interactive enemies.




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8 10 2009

Intresting, this was actually a very great read! thanks

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