Movie Update

7 10 2009

I’ve watched a small onslaught of movies recently so I’ve ditched my quick and dirty reviews for something even shorter.

Zombieland (80%)
A lot of style coupled with a fair amount of laughs make Zombieland worth experiencing. I never felt like enough pressure was put on the duo which leads to some fairly constant downtime throughout. This directly affects pacing which needs a bit of work as it often slumps into boredom and non-zombieness. A standout performance from Woody Harrelson as an awesome zombie killer.

Monsters vs Aliens (40%)
The script is about as cliche as possible which would be okay if the funny was offsetting that. Despite a star studded comedic cast the vast majority of jokes fall flat from a terrible script. The emotional moments are forced with to much time allocated to them. Do not watch!

Anvil: The Story of Anvil (90%)
The two leaders of Anvil are such likable people that it’s near impossible to not to root for them as they struggle to make it back to the big times. It seems that the same 2 or 3 songs are constantly repeated throughout the film and it would have been nice to hear a bit more of Anvil’s work. Although saying I want more Anvil is generally a good thing I felt that the documentary should have covered a larger period of time. The directing and editing could have been done better but there’s something to say for simplicity.

Role Models (70%)
The premise seems more of an excuse to tell jokes but hey that’s why it’s a comedy. Thankfully there is a decent amount of funny offensive humor here. When it isn’t offensive Role Models isn’t very funny. I was surprised by how well done and enjoyable the LARPing sessions and climax were.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (85%)
I wasn’t quite sure what to think after watching about 30 minutes of F&L as nothing had really happened. As the film went on I came to love the two main characters and their absurd drug induced advetures. The quality of acting here is a pretty ridiculous. This could have easily gone down as one of my all time favorites, right along side Fight Club, if there had been some slightly cohesive plot and relationship with a sane character (look at Fight Club).




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