The Hurt Locker

9 11 2009

The Hurt Locker follows a fictitious bomb disposal unit as they go about their daily routine in Iraq. It’s an independent film that has some slow points and cliche moments but succeeds because it so accurately captures the feeling of operating in a warzone that is not in a state of invasion. James serves as the adrenaline seeking protagonist propelling varied bomb defusal scenes with no concern for his own death.  The uncertainty of local civilians looking onto the scene is the source of most of the intensity. A subplot with a boy that sells DVDs at the base, James return home, and “male bonding” between the 3 man team felt a little to predicatble and failed to keep my interest. I was also baffled at some of the dumb decisions made by the disposal unit during the sniper scene.

Walking out of the theater my immediate score for this film would have been about an 80%. This film proved to be one of the few that tend to grow on me the more I think about.

score: 90% | metacritic: 94




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