Red Dreams Blue Nightmares (writing)

23 11 2009

I wrote this TV pilot for a forum writing contest that no one ended up participating in besides me. At the moment it either needs to be cut down to half hour or expanded to a full hour. If The Mighty Boosh, The Venture Bros, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia had a threeway and were unlucky their baby would be the show that I have created. You would of course want to first cut off the extra fetus head and ensure it had the optimal environment of drug use and parental abuse to live up to its fullest potential.

A global colonization of Mars is about to begin after the United States failed to trick the Middle East into relocating to Mars without oxygen support. This story, in the form of a TV screenplay, follows three friends as they try to reach a transport ship at their local Costco Wholesale. Unfortunately, they have forgotten their membership card but this conniving group always find a way. Strange and hopefully comedic events propel them to space as they accidentally create a supervillain and deal with the upper echelon of Costco Crewman who have animal heads and tools for hands.

Red Dreams Blue Nightmares (46 page PDF)




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