Short and Sweet

10 01 2010

Assassin’s Creed 2 (85%)
Repetition and a lack of truly feeling like an assassin really prevented the first entry in the AC series from being an interesting game. With a host of new tools, an interesting protagonist, and a host of well designed quests AC2 is a much more complete package and is the game I expected with AC1. Production quality is top notch, excluding facial animations, with a huge world to explore. I found the story and characters to be well done and interesting for the first couple of hours but after that I began to lose interest. The supporting cast holds up fairly well but the constant “oh there’s someone worse” in the bad guy department grew old fast. It’s a lengthy single player experience that started to wear on me a bit starting at the carnival but I’m still looking forward to AC3.

Man on Wire (100%)
I may be slightly biased here with how much I love the circus but Man on Wire is still a fantastic documentary. It’s a well crafted film in its own right but the event itself is so amazing that it’s good enough on its own. A surprising amount of original footage is supported rather than dominated by re-enactments. The film is crafted as a bank heist film of one man’s dream of walking across a wire between the twin towers.

Avatar (65%)
The characters and story in Avatar is cliche and predictable with movie being way to long. However, you should still see Avatar and enjoy it for what it is; a visually beautiful adventure in glorious Real 3D. This new 3D technology provides awesome depth of field that is going to skyrocket in coming years and I’m looking forward to it.

Sherlock Holmes (80%)
The first two acts of this new take on Sherlock Holmes managed to keep my interest simply because it did a great job crafting a mystery between a core few characters. In the third act everything went the way of a summer blockbuster providing a less than satisfying ending. The brawling nature of this new Sherlock Holmes, and the cliche big dude fighter, seemed a little awkward. An absolute brilliant performance as usual for Robert Downey Jr. which in itself is reason enough to see the start of this new series.




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