Savannah Adventure: Day 2

12 02 2010
Unicycle ride
I went for a very long ride, about an hour and a half, around Forsyth Park. Although a bit chilly on my hands, the ride went great with only one fall due to an unexpected bump. Ending up getting quite a few comments from people understandably surprised to see a unicycle. I would have been excited in their position; that’s for sure. My distance riding and turning is getting much better and I’m looking forward to going out for another spin.  The Forsyth Park visitor/center cafe looks really hip and arty.
Wiley’s Championship BBQ
Wiley’s Championship BBQ is an easy 15 minute drive out of downtown Savannah towards Tybee Island. The Island Expressway was a fast moving road that provides an alternative Publix that I could go to. It was odd finding it tucked away in an older shopping center. Inside there are only about 7 tables but the numerous BBQ awards on the walls let you know the goods are coming. The beef brisket is their most popular item so I went with that. I can’t really recall eating too much brisket over the years so I can’t compare it against much other than to say it was very good. Their BBQ sauce, which tastes like Bone Sucking sauce mixed with Sonny’s sauce, is absolutely dynamite. I almost started drinking that stuff right from the bottle. I was surprised that my sides, Dutch sweet potato casserole (tasted amazing) and string beans, managed to still be amazing with the BBQ being the focus. They are also famous for deep fried pickles and southern desserts (basically everything is good) but I had trouble finishing my meal I was so stuffed. I have a feeling I’m going to find my way back to Wiley’s before this adventure is over for some pulled pork or chicken.



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