Savannah Adventure: Day 3

12 02 2010

The weather has been nasty today; cold and raining nonstop. As I’m writing this post it’s snowing outside which is neat since it’s something I rarely get to see. Sun, please come out tomorrow though. My theory about water sneaking under the window only proved to be half correct. The water came in at first but wasn’t a constant flow. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. I was looking into doing a CrossFit workout at CrossFit Hyperformance tomorrow morning but I’ve had second thoughts about it.

Zunzi’s was another one of my regular places to eat while at SCAD. It’s a hole in the wall takeout service that makes for a perfect lunch. I always get an oven baked chicken breast over white rice with a romaine salad. The chicken breast is baked in tinfoil with olive oil and a couple spices. This makes for a very moist and intensely flavorful piece of chicken. I love to dip my chicken and salad in one of two sauces: a subtle ranch(white) and a secret sauce(pink) that tastes like a sweet chipotle mayo.

Screaming Mimi’s Pizza
Upon entering Screaming Mimi’s, I was greeted by a dude who I can only assume is the owner with a mohawk, a huge tattoo of Screaming Mimi’s, and not one but two pistols plus clips on his belt. I almost asked for some spent shell casings on my pie but I resisted the urge. The pizza appears and tastes like a much higher quality version of the jumbo slices of pizza you can get at a place like Sbarro or Villa pizza. Pizza of this nature is very thin with minimal amounts of sauce creating a very crunchy experience. The Hawaiian slice was much more flavorful than the tomato basil but I was happy with both. My personal pizza taste is more in the direction of pizza with lots of red sauce and thick, soft crust. Mellow Mushroom remains my favorite pizza joint in Savannah but Screaming Mimi’s is certainly still worth checking out.




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