Savannah Adventure: Day 4

13 02 2010

Baker’s Pride Bakery
I had a craving for donuts yesterday and wasn’t aware of any local places except for Krispy Kreme. Some searching on Google yielded Baker’s Pride on DeRenne and one look at the display case told me my cravings would be dealt with. After some contemplation I went with a cinnamon raisin puff, glazed sour-cream donut, and chocolate dip donut. All 3 were fantastic.  The sour-cream had an intense flavor while the cinnamon raisin puff was sweet and airy. Stealing the show was the chocolate dip which had the same airy dough but with a very light glaze and an almost fudge like chocolate topping. Best chocolate dip I’ve ever had.

Submission Only VII
I’ve really gotten into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) over the last year or so and discovered that a local event would be going on during my stay. The event was held at Supergoose Sports which appears to primarily serve as a roller hockey rink due to the trophies. Thankfully there were 4 fights always going on to keep things interesting. Here are some of the highlights: it took 2 heavyweights over an hour for someone to win, someone won 5 seconds in with a flying armbar, some bone grinding heel hooks, and 2 guys put to sleep by deep front chokes.

I’ve been looking forward to another unicycle ride and even though it was cold outside I went for one anyways. Forsyth Park was fairly busy today as there was a wedding being held and a rugby game taking place; if only the two could have been combined. Slightly warmer weather would have made the ride a bit more enjoyable.

Sweet Potatoes Kitchen
Sweet Potatoes Kitchen is just good comfort food. I decided to go with the Peach glazed chicken accompanied by caramelized apples, sweet potato with pecan butter (seemed like I had to given the name), and a biscuit. The chicken was fried chicken without actually being “fried chicken.” On top of the skin (not fried and crispy) was the Peach sauce which was quite interesting because of how fruity it tasted. The carmellized apples left a little to be desired as they were somewhat bland and used a very porous apple; red delicious I think. Surprisingly inexpensive which is a definite plus. My cell phone pictures aren’t really doing this food justice.




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