Savannah Adventure: Day 6

16 02 2010

The weather has been back and forth yielding another terrible day for outdoor activities. As such I ended up watching a bit of Anthony Bourdain and the winter Olympics. There are still plenty of new restaurants and places for me to explore but I’ve decided to return to a few of my favorites before heading home.

Blowin Smoke BBQ
I have a picture this time! As a french fry junkie I should mention that the fries here are absolutely amazing. They’re fried in some sort of secret oil, seasoned with sea salt, and cooked to perfection. Very crispy on the outside and almost like mashed potatoes on the inside; divine. When the attention to detail is put in Blowin Smoke is a thing of beauty and thankfully it was excellent both times.

Redline MMA
I had some difficulty finding Redline MMA initially but thanks to some guess work on my part found it in a fairly new strip mall. Upon my arrival, I learned that most of the regulars had taken the night off as it was open gym night. This ended up working out pretty well for me as I got some one-on-one instruction in Jiu-Jitsu and striking from two of the four guys in the gym. I was surprised that they attempted to teach me a number of different submissions on my first day (triangle, arm bar, neck crank, etc). The amount of steps required to get an opponent into the submission made it a little hard to execute at first but I managed to figure them all out. On the striking front I did pretty good but I could tell it’s just going to take some time to get my body used to performing the motions; much like learning to ride a unicycle. Both guys were down to earth and positive providing a great learning environment.




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