League of Legends Script: Episode 1

28 08 2010

I was inspired by the cast of champions in League of Legends (video game) to write a story, in the form of a screenplay, roughly the length of a half hour TV episode.

PDF – 90kb
view: Episode 1: Breaking and Entering
download: Episode 1: Breaking and Entering
– this will force a download if your browser is not displaying the document

A growing number of guerilla attacks on the League of Legends have placed its ability to function and maintain relative peace into question. Sabotaged arenas, fixed battles, and a general glossing over of problems by the League have led city-states to reject conflicts resolved on the Fields of Justice. High Councilor Heywan Relivash suspects General Boram Darkwill of Noxus is behind the attacks and considers forming an army of his own. As the League attempts to salvage the situation and avoid open war returning Singed leads a direct assault on the Institute of War with a small force of abominations.




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3 03 2011
League of Legends: Champion Designs « Danny O'Connell

[…] wrote a spec script based off League of Legends at the end of last year that you can find here. Somehow I forgot to upload two champions that I designed along with a short bio for Singed. Check […]

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