League of Legends: Lux

3 03 2011

Lux has become one of my favorite champions mainly because of how much she can contribute to a team. She has a very potent AP nuke combo, shield control/CC for carry protection, and the ability to steal buffs and finish fleeing enemies that can be combined with superb map control thanks to CV and wards.


standard 9/0/21

Clairvoyance / Ghost

I’ve come to love this combo as it synergizes so well with her ultimate. If someone else is running CV ignite or teleport would be the next best options.

magic pen / mana regen / cooldown per level / flat health quints

Lux doesn’t really need the flat health quints but I don’t have a separate page for her at the moment. I would most likely run magic pen quints.

R > E > W > Q

Singularily is your strongest damage/harass ability while your binding is only needed for its CC ability.

core: Sorc Boots / Soulstealer / Morello’s Evil Tome / Deathcap

I build these 3 core items 95% of the time. Normally I try to avoid soulstealer on champions unless I’m doing very well early game but I feel that it’s always a good choice on Lux. Because Lux’s playstyle is so far behind her team and she has survivability similar to Janna she’s very good at living through most situations. This provides lots of assist stacks but her ability to finish off champs with her ultimate ensures even more.

After Soulstealer I build Fiendish Codex into Morello’s Evil Tome for some much needed mana regen and cooldown reduction. If the game goes super late I build Void Staff or Lich Bane.

I almost never build a defensive item because of her playstyle but there are rare situations where you just have to. An example: I recently faced an Akali/LeBlanc nuke combo that forced me to delay my core build to get an early Negatron Cloak so I could survive until team fights.


Lux does just fine in either a solo or duo lane. I hate top on Lux as it wastes her roaming/finishing strength during early/mid game. The sweet spot on Lux’s domination seems to always occur between 11 and 16. During the laning phase you want to harass as much as possible with your binding and singularity. As soon as you hit 6 you want to start using your AP nuke combo which is Binding -> Singularily -> Lazer.

Once team fights start you’ll want to utilize CV and your binding to try to grab champs out of position. Once a fight actually starts use your lazer immediately as teams tend to group up at the start. The cooldown is so low on Lux’s ult that it should be up again by the end of the fight. After your initial burst your primary goal is to spam shield on as many teammates as possible while using your CC to protect the carry and stop people from escaping.


Positioning and landing skillshots are crucial on any champion but they are absolutely vital on Lux. If you are out of position even in the slightest you will be killed almost instantly. If you fail to land your skillshots (all 4 abilities are) you will be worthless to your team. More detailed guide to come… ?




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