Inn of the Dancing Sea Dragon

14 04 2011

Short Version
I’ve created a very short casual adventure mod for Sacrifice that follows a Druniad named Hazel who runs the Inn of the Dancing Sea Dragon. Currently there are only three puzzles with supplementary linear dialogue trees but this was only meant to be a prototype.

More Information
I’m in the very early stages of attempting to make a commercial casual/classic adventure game. I’ve been looking at a bunch of engines to work in and have become attached to the Monocle engine as it shares a lot in common with Aquaria (Alec’s working on it). Monocle still has a ways to go so I decided to prototype some adventure stuff to see what I could get working. I was playtesting with random images from Google for a while before I came to the conclusion that I may as well use the Aquaria art. That of course then led me to making that prototype into something playable which is why you see this post. I guess it kind of makes sense as before Sacrifice grew into something much bigger it was originally intended to be a more casual experience of Aquaria.

Video Walkthrough





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