Awful Art

A gang of sewer monkeys forced me to go to art school so that I could give them some awesome tats. Their banana blood money ended up being poorly invested as I don’t have the art gene. It would be cool if I could draw awesome concept art but having a million dollars would also be cool and that hasn’t happened either. However, because of how much money they dumped into my education I feel that I should at least show the vegetables of my labor [I’m to clever for my own good]. I’d like to thank Invader Zim for getting me through art school as I used it for 90% of my projects.

No brown filters here.

Look at those floor tiles!

I recommend reading the backstory for this one as it is made of pure awesome. The planet is actually a man’s kidney imposing on a society that only eat waffles and worships syrup. Why can’t our society be more like this?


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