Savannah Adventure: The End

17 02 2010

I’m now back in Ocala after a quite successful adventure to Savannah. Nothing of too much interest happened since my last update. On the food front I went back to Baker’s Pride Bakery and Wiley’s Championship BBQ for seconds; they were just as good. The chocolate dip donut and Danish sweet potato casserole cannot be described in words. I managed to get one last unicycle ride in through Forsyth Park before I left. The park was pretty quiet with only a couple people walking around.


Savannah Adventure: Day 6

16 02 2010

The weather has been back and forth yielding another terrible day for outdoor activities. As such I ended up watching a bit of Anthony Bourdain and the winter Olympics. There are still plenty of new restaurants and places for me to explore but I’ve decided to return to a few of my favorites before heading home.

Blowin Smoke BBQ
I have a picture this time! As a french fry junkie I should mention that the fries here are absolutely amazing. They’re fried in some sort of secret oil, seasoned with sea salt, and cooked to perfection. Very crispy on the outside and almost like mashed potatoes on the inside; divine. When the attention to detail is put in Blowin Smoke is a thing of beauty and thankfully it was excellent both times.

Redline MMA
I had some difficulty finding Redline MMA initially but thanks to some guess work on my part found it in a fairly new strip mall. Upon my arrival, I learned that most of the regulars had taken the night off as it was open gym night. This ended up working out pretty well for me as I got some one-on-one instruction in Jiu-Jitsu and striking from two of the four guys in the gym. I was surprised that they attempted to teach me a number of different submissions on my first day (triangle, arm bar, neck crank, etc). The amount of steps required to get an opponent into the submission made it a little hard to execute at first but I managed to figure them all out. On the striking front I did pretty good but I could tell it’s just going to take some time to get my body used to performing the motions; much like learning to ride a unicycle. Both guys were down to earth and positive providing a great learning environment.

Savannah Adventure: Day 5

15 02 2010

Forsyth Park
The weather was beautiful outside today which meant I had to go for another unicycle ride. Being Valentine’s day I ended up getting asked by about 4 couples to take their picture when I stopped to rest my legs… and nether regions. My little unicycle show had some friendly competition today against a group of friends tightrope walking. The quality, or lack thereof, of their equipment made it more like slacklining but they were doing fairly well.

Forsyth Park Fountain

Mellow Mushroom
I love the pizza at Mellow Mushroom! My favorite, pictured below, is jerk chicken and pineapple. The dough is light, airy and made with spring water. My camera phone makes this absolutely delicious pizza look like a bread bowl filled with a ridiculous amount of disgusting, melted cheese. I assure you it looked superb in person as I devoured it all.

Savannah Adventure: Day 4

13 02 2010

Baker’s Pride Bakery
I had a craving for donuts yesterday and wasn’t aware of any local places except for Krispy Kreme. Some searching on Google yielded Baker’s Pride on DeRenne and one look at the display case told me my cravings would be dealt with. After some contemplation I went with a cinnamon raisin puff, glazed sour-cream donut, and chocolate dip donut. All 3 were fantastic.  The sour-cream had an intense flavor while the cinnamon raisin puff was sweet and airy. Stealing the show was the chocolate dip which had the same airy dough but with a very light glaze and an almost fudge like chocolate topping. Best chocolate dip I’ve ever had.

Submission Only VII
I’ve really gotten into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) over the last year or so and discovered that a local event would be going on during my stay. The event was held at Supergoose Sports which appears to primarily serve as a roller hockey rink due to the trophies. Thankfully there were 4 fights always going on to keep things interesting. Here are some of the highlights: it took 2 heavyweights over an hour for someone to win, someone won 5 seconds in with a flying armbar, some bone grinding heel hooks, and 2 guys put to sleep by deep front chokes.

I’ve been looking forward to another unicycle ride and even though it was cold outside I went for one anyways. Forsyth Park was fairly busy today as there was a wedding being held and a rugby game taking place; if only the two could have been combined. Slightly warmer weather would have made the ride a bit more enjoyable.

Sweet Potatoes Kitchen
Sweet Potatoes Kitchen is just good comfort food. I decided to go with the Peach glazed chicken accompanied by caramelized apples, sweet potato with pecan butter (seemed like I had to given the name), and a biscuit. The chicken was fried chicken without actually being “fried chicken.” On top of the skin (not fried and crispy) was the Peach sauce which was quite interesting because of how fruity it tasted. The carmellized apples left a little to be desired as they were somewhat bland and used a very porous apple; red delicious I think. Surprisingly inexpensive which is a definite plus. My cell phone pictures aren’t really doing this food justice.

Savannah Adventure: Day 3

12 02 2010

The weather has been nasty today; cold and raining nonstop. As I’m writing this post it’s snowing outside which is neat since it’s something I rarely get to see. Sun, please come out tomorrow though. My theory about water sneaking under the window only proved to be half correct. The water came in at first but wasn’t a constant flow. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. I was looking into doing a CrossFit workout at CrossFit Hyperformance tomorrow morning but I’ve had second thoughts about it.

Zunzi’s was another one of my regular places to eat while at SCAD. It’s a hole in the wall takeout service that makes for a perfect lunch. I always get an oven baked chicken breast over white rice with a romaine salad. The chicken breast is baked in tinfoil with olive oil and a couple spices. This makes for a very moist and intensely flavorful piece of chicken. I love to dip my chicken and salad in one of two sauces: a subtle ranch(white) and a secret sauce(pink) that tastes like a sweet chipotle mayo.

Screaming Mimi’s Pizza
Upon entering Screaming Mimi’s, I was greeted by a dude who I can only assume is the owner with a mohawk, a huge tattoo of Screaming Mimi’s, and not one but two pistols plus clips on his belt. I almost asked for some spent shell casings on my pie but I resisted the urge. The pizza appears and tastes like a much higher quality version of the jumbo slices of pizza you can get at a place like Sbarro or Villa pizza. Pizza of this nature is very thin with minimal amounts of sauce creating a very crunchy experience. The Hawaiian slice was much more flavorful than the tomato basil but I was happy with both. My personal pizza taste is more in the direction of pizza with lots of red sauce and thick, soft crust. Mellow Mushroom remains my favorite pizza joint in Savannah but Screaming Mimi’s is certainly still worth checking out.

Savannah Adventure: Day 2

12 02 2010
Unicycle ride
I went for a very long ride, about an hour and a half, around Forsyth Park. Although a bit chilly on my hands, the ride went great with only one fall due to an unexpected bump. Ending up getting quite a few comments from people understandably surprised to see a unicycle. I would have been excited in their position; that’s for sure. My distance riding and turning is getting much better and I’m looking forward to going out for another spin.  The Forsyth Park visitor/center cafe looks really hip and arty.
Wiley’s Championship BBQ
Wiley’s Championship BBQ is an easy 15 minute drive out of downtown Savannah towards Tybee Island. The Island Expressway was a fast moving road that provides an alternative Publix that I could go to. It was odd finding it tucked away in an older shopping center. Inside there are only about 7 tables but the numerous BBQ awards on the walls let you know the goods are coming. The beef brisket is their most popular item so I went with that. I can’t really recall eating too much brisket over the years so I can’t compare it against much other than to say it was very good. Their BBQ sauce, which tastes like Bone Sucking sauce mixed with Sonny’s sauce, is absolutely dynamite. I almost started drinking that stuff right from the bottle. I was surprised that my sides, Dutch sweet potato casserole (tasted amazing) and string beans, managed to still be amazing with the BBQ being the focus. They are also famous for deep fried pickles and southern desserts (basically everything is good) but I had trouble finishing my meal I was so stuffed. I have a feeling I’m going to find my way back to Wiley’s before this adventure is over for some pulled pork or chicken.

Savannah Adventure: Day 1

12 02 2010
I have a love/hate relationship with daily blogs so I thought I’d do one! Savannah was my lovely home for 3 years (2006-2009) when I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for a degree in Game Design.

Parking Permit
After a rather quick drive up to Savannah, 3 hours and 40 minutes, my first course of action was renewing my parking permit so I didn’t have to deal with the meters. There was a lady in front of me that was paying off 12 tickets at a cost of $350; ouch!

Condo Arrival
Someone finally removed all the vines on the alley side of the condo; it was starting to become a jungle. There are a couple bikes and a grill in the courtyard so I assume a decent amount of people are living in the other units. It turns out that I did forget to bring something: my belt and my alarm clock; but that’s not a big deal. I’ve had one belt for about 10 years so another one won’t hurt. On my way to Publix, I saw that they finished the Forsyth Park visitor center and cafe that was very eye catching. I plan to take a closer look via unicycle tomorrow. I also found an MMA gym called Redline MMA on I-16 that I’m going to call about.

Blowin Smoke BBQ
I was starving upon arriving in Savannah and unpacked as swiftly as possible so I could get some grub. I decided to take a 5 minute walk to Blowin Smoke. The first time I ate at Blowin Smoke I was truly blown (har har) away. It was a regular off hour meal for me until near the end of my schooling when the quality started to become a bit inconsistent. Thankfully it was absolutely superb tonight and hit the spot. They have a truly unique sauce that is chunky with a definite apple cider flavor behind it. Best pulled pork I’ve ever had. French fries were cooked perfectly; though the onions rings and jalapeno cornbread muffin tasted like they had been sitting around for a little while. One of the better meals I’ve had in a while. I apologize for not having an image of the meal but I didn’t think of taking a picture with my phone. I will do that for all future meals so that you may be jealous.

Condo Problem
On my way to bed I walked across the carpet on the landing by the back door and felt through my sock that it was soaking wet (which was really odd). There’s a weird fungus type thingy growing on the floor and one of the wood slats is starting to rot near the window (see attached picture). My best guess is that rain water has been getting in under the floor to ceiling window. I’ve put the rug in the courtyard to dry, cleaned the floor, and placed a towel there as a temporary fix. shows it raining on Friday so I’ll see what happens then.