Untitled Adventure Game
League of Legends – Champion Design
This is a WIP document where I’ve been developing new champions for League of Legends. Some of the champions that Riot has released actually have abilities similar to what I came up with. I’ll be uploading a new version of this as I have a better understanding for what a champion “needs.”
Aquaria: Sacrifice (~5 hours long)
Sacrifice involved the creation of over 20 new maps; all created by yours truly. The time lapse videos below will give the best look at the quality of map work I deliver. For more information check the development thread on the Bit-Blot forums and the release page on ModDB.


Aquaria: Inn of the Dancing Sea Dragon (~5 minutes long)
This is a very short casual adventure game that follows a Druniad named Hazel who runs the Inn of the Dancing Sea Dragon. I created this to get some experience before working on a much larger adventure game.

Dawn of War 1 (multiplayer maps)
Statham’s Demise – 2 players

Valley of the Damned – 4 players

Imperial Manufactorum – 6 players


One response

10 02 2010
Ilya Chentsov

Hello, I work for a Russian gaming magazine and we are interested in translating Sacrifice into Russian (with the goal of releasing the translated mod on our cover DVD). Please get in touch if you are interested (well, and don’t hesitate to reject if you are not).

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