The following files are a small sampling of the scripting work I did for Aquaria: Sacrifice (MOD).

Common Dialogue Tree
– this file houses a large number of functions that are called by individual character files (one below)

Sample Dialogue Tree: Old Fred
– contains specific information that is sent to common_DialogueTree

Defend Mission
– waves of enemies are sent at the player culminating in a boss battle and a nice reward.

Encounter with Mia
– Mia shows up with some minions and causes the player some trouble before saying goodbye.

An unknown entity blocks PC progression
– A squid blocks the player from accessing a later portion of the game. This file includes the squid blocking with a dialog panel and a cutscene showing when he leaves.

This is a start to a 2D game engine created in SDL done over the course of 2 months. The star of the show here is a tile based level editor with load/save functionality. The actual game is a bit arty dealing with game addiction (it’s really not a game at all). Music is from Aquaria with tiles from Silveira Neto.

Note: exe is located in Debug.


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